Lip Blush

Semi Permanent Lips

Lip Liner: 

Semi Permanent Lip Liner redefines the lips with a subtle use of colour to enhance the shape, also giving the illusion of fullness. Stephanie can restore and reshape fading lip lines, whether caused by the ageing process, cold sores or even scarring.

Lip Blush: 

Lip blush is one of the most popular lip treatments. This is the perfect technique to enhance your lip’s size and balance. The lips are lined symmetrically then the colour is applied sparingly, creating the impression of your desired lip volume.

Also available is a full lip colour, which can be applied for a more dramatic lipstick effect. You will have a wide choice of luxury colours ranging from bright to more softer shades, depending on the look you want to achieve.

Do you love your lips? Well you will love them even more after this treatment, think about it you can drink, eat, exercise and even kiss without your lippy coming off!


The Procedure

The procedure involves a needle that implants pigment colour into the dermal layer of the skin. Using this specialised instrument, sharp lip lines and lip colour can be achieved.

After your first treatment, the colour of the treated area will fade up to  70% and appear slightly different to your desired colour. So, to complete treatment it is advised for the client to return after a minimum of 4 to 6 weeks, for their touch up procedure. At this appointment, the colour, shape and density can be altered to create your final results, which can last up to 12-18 months, leaving maintenance minimal.


The Benefits

  • Those who like to look their best at all times.
  • Those who have very little or no time to apply make-up throughout the day.
  • Those with little confidence in applying make-up or have poor eye-sight.
  • Those who suffer from Alopecia, Chemotherapy, Parkinson’s Disease, or other tremor related conditions.
  • Those who have sparse or over plucked eyebrows.
  • Those who have lost their natural lip line, lip colour due to the ageing process.
  • Those who would like to benefit from a non-surgical eye-lift.
  • Those who feel their eyes have lost their vitality.
  • Anyone who wants to divert one’s eye from any imperfections.