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During your appointment you will be given an aftercare pack, consisting of an aftercare booklet and ointment. Once your appointment is finished an email with clear instructions will follow. This is the most important part of your treatment, and you must adhere to the given instructions. Please ensure when booking your appointment you have left the following 2 weeks free to allow the treatment to heal properly.

Please note: after your first session the colour of the treated area will appear darker and thicker then the desired outcome. The colour will soften from day five and you will lose up to 70% of the pigment by the end of the two weeks. It is completely normal to be left with patches and unevenness this is why it is crucial to complete your treatment with the 8 weeks touch up. This is included in the cost of your treatment. 

You must avoid getting the treated area wet for two weeks. This includes avoiding steam from your shower or bath, and other activities such as cooking, ironing, and using the dishwasher. 

Please avoid ALL gym activities, saunas, pools, and any outdoor sports.

You must avoid sun exposure for at least 4 weeks post treatment. This includes sunbeds / UV treatments. Factor 50 is advised when exposed to sunlight and tanning.

Apply the ointment as instructed. This varies for each skin type and Stephanie will decide what is best on the day of your appointment. 

Around the treated area you will need to avoid eye cream, and any facial products containing retinoids and AHA. Other treatments include chemical peels, lasers, and facials. 

If you have a fringe please keep it pinned back to avoid the risk of infection. 

Itching is completely normal. Please do not pick or scratch your treatment as you will disturb the healing process, and this could lead to unwanted results and possible scarring.

Your treatment will begin peeling naturally from day five onwards. Do not be alarmed, this is completely normal

Be very careful when applying make up around the treated area, leaving a small gap will make it easier to remove. 

Aftercare for Eyeliner 

The same as above but the healing period is 1 week only. Please remove lash extensions prior to your appointment. Do not use mascara and wash around the area using a cotton pad or Q tip. 

Aftercare for Lips

The same as above but the healing period is 1 week only. Apply the aftercare ointment as instructed, this will be more frequent as your lips will feel dry as they heal. Please drink through a straw and avoid hot drinks for 48hrs.