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Your eyebrows are the most dominant facial feature, and a crucial part to structuring the beauty of your face. A pair of well groomed and healthy looking eyebrows can enhance your natural beauty, as well as maintain your vitality. Creating the perfectly shaped pair of brows is what Stephanie does best. She is known for incredible transformations, including correcting the infamous ‘High-low’ brows. Whether you desire a full eyebrow makeover or subtle tweaks here and there, Stephanie ensures your treatment will be tailored to your specific needs. SJBrows are truly bespoke to the individual. 

Microblading also known as eyebrow embroidery is a Semi - Permanent tattoo. Hair like strokes are created with the use of a manual pen, made up of very tiny needles. The pigment is implanted into the dermal layer of the skin. 

A specialised tool is used to create the appearance of natural eyebrow hair. There is no other way to create finer hair strokes. 


A lot of Stephanie’s time is spent correcting work produced elsewhere. She strongly advises the existing pigment is no less then 50% faded in colour, otherwise a correction may not be possible. This enables Stephanie to correct your treatment to the best of her ability. If you are not satisfied with your existing treatment(s), please send clear photos via email. This will allow Stephanie to give her best recommendation moving forward. 

Price: £450 including the 8 weeks Touch Up 


This treatment allows you to achieve the most from your eyes. Whether you want an eyelash enhancement or something more prominent, this procedure is the ideal method for long-lasting eyeliner, day in day out. Once your treatment is healed your eyeliner will not only define your eyes, but remain totally smudge free, leaving your morning routine much less of a hassle. 

The procedure involves a handheld machine, almost like a tattoo pen, where pigment is implanted above or along the lash line. Very fine or thicker eyeliner can be achieved, however it is important for Stephanie to create what she thinks is best suited to your eye shape. Winged eyeliner is a popular choice, however the length of the “wing” has to be appropriate for a day to day look. 

Overall this is a great option for those who cannot live without eyeliner, struggle to create symmetry on both eyes, or simply fed up of continuously having to reapply throughout the day. Whether you crave a natural line or a bold enhancement, Stephanie will achieve the ideal look to suit your eyes. 

Price: £350 including the 8 weeks Touch Up

Lip Blush

Lip blush is one of the most popular lip treatments as it offers the chance to enhance your lip size and symmetry, without the need for dermal fillers. If you would rather avoid fillers, this procedure is the ideal method to enhance your lips in the most natural way possible. If you already have dermal fillers you must ensure your lips are fully settled before attending your appointment. 

Unfortunately most of us will begin to notice our lips loosing their fullness and shape. Stephanie is able to restore and revive fading lips caused by the natural ageing process, smoking, cold sores and even scarring.

The procedure involves a handheld machine, almost like a tattoo pen, where pigment is implanted into the boarder and surface of the lip. A numbing agent is used throughout the procedure. 

This treatment will make you fall in love with your lips again. Think about it, you can eat, drink, exercise and even swim without your lipstick coming off.

Price: £475 including the 8 weeks Touch Up

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SJLash Lift

Stephanie is a fully qualified Lash Lift technician, trained by the UKs leading eyelash company, Nouveau Lashes. A lash lift is the new version of the old fashioned perm. It stands for Length, Volume, Lift. Your lashes will be straightened at the root, creating the appearance of longer, fuller looking lashes, without the need for mascara. Your eyes will appear more open and brighter! 

An eyelash tint will be applied at the end of your treatment to give your lashes a glossy finish, showing them off to their fullest.

The most popular time for a lash lift is before a holiday, the treatment is swim, sweat and tan proof. 

Your eyes will be closed throughout the procedure, it is painless, and takes approximately 35 minutes. Your eyelashes will stay enhanced for up to 6-8 weeks. Another lift can be done no earlier then 8 weeks post treatment. 

Price: £50

Annual Touch Up

SJBrows £250

Eyeliner £250

Lip Blush £350

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you can find answers on frequently asked questions. If you cannot find the answer, please contact Stephanie via email or phone.

Stephanie has a light touch and uses numbing agents to relieve any discomfort you may have throughout the procedure. 

A patch test is not mandatory. If you are concerned about an allergy, your skin type or have a medical concern, it would be advised to have a patch test initially. This falls under ‘Patch test and Consultation’ on the booking system. 

This is not mandatory however if you wish to have a consultation with Stephanie prior to your appointment you can book this in via the booking portal, under ‘Patch Test and Consultation’.

New slots are released on the 1st of every month via the booking system. You can find the booking portal on both the website and the Instagram account @sjbrowslondon. 

Your appointment will take up to 90 minutes. Please allow extra time to find parking if you are driving to the clinic. Stephanie follows a strict schedule so if you are running late she may not be able to treat you. 

One week prior to your appointment you will receive a ‘prep email’ with clear instructions. Please attend with washed hair to leave a minimum of 48 hours before your next hair wash. If you are using retinol based products please ensure the treated area is not peeling, if any peeling has occurred please refrain from using the products beforehand. Please do not fake tan up to 72hrs before your appointment.

Microblading can still be carried out if you have oily skin and Stephanie will tailor the after-care to your skin type. Please be extra careful when showering to avoid steam and excess moisture.

In regards to any corrective work please send Stephanie clear images before booking in. You can do so via email. Ideally the pigment should be as faded as possible, however Stephanie will recommend what she thinks is best going forward. 

You can attend your appointment with makeup on. Stephanie will need to wipe around the treated area so the less the better. You may feel some tenderness in the area that has been worked on and redness is common on sensitive skin types. The Eyeliner and Lip Blush treatments can leave the area swollen. 

A booklet and ointment will be given to you on the day of your appointment. At the end of the session you will receive an aftercare email with the relevant instructions on how to look after your treatment. You can also find the information on the Aftercare tab above. 

If you require an additional top up this incurs a £50 cover charge. There could be a number of reasons as to why you may need an additional session, including aftercare, general skin conditions, or if you would like to enhance your treatment. 

You have up to 7 days prior to your appointment to cancel. Any cancellations after this time frame will not be refunded. Booking fee is £75. 

This appointment will be manually scheduled by Stephanie on the day of your appointment. Please do not worry about using the booking portal for this. 

You must avoid sunny holidays for atleast 4 weeks post treatment. Please avoid using sunbeds (indoor tanning). Factor 50 is advised over the treated area when exposed to sunlight in future. 

Please ensure your Botox is fully settled before attending your appointment, whether that is before or after. This differs for the individual but 3 weeks or so is the average timeframe. For best results wait until your treatment is fully healed. 

Please avoid alcohol for 24hrs prior to your appointment. You can drink afterwards however alcohol can cause swelling and disrupt the healing process. 

In regards to any corrective work please send Stephanie clear images before booking in. You can do so via email. Ideally the pigment should be as faded as possible, however Stephanie will recommend what she thinks is best going forward. 

If you have been breastfeeding for a minimum of 3 months you are able to have treatment done. 

Avoid Aspirin or Ibuprofen for at least 48hrs before your appointment. This can make the skin more prone to bruising (please disregard this if you are on Aspirin under your GP’s advice). Do NOT discontinue any medication before consulting your GP first.


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