About Stephanie Jackson

Stephanie Jackson is a well-experienced and fully qualified hair and makeup artist who specialises in her passion, Semi Permanent Makeup. After Stephanie was trained and qualified in London’s renowned Harley Street, she gained her diploma in Micro-pigmentation. Stephanie began her career at Greasepaint – the UK’s leading hair and makeup academy. Her role included working on shoots in television, film and fashion.

Stephanie’s exclusive and professional service is not just about achieving beautiful results, but achieving the results you want safely. That’s why Stephanie’s semi permanent makeup enhancements comply with the safety guidelines, to ensure clients are comfortable whilst achieving their desired look.

Stephanie aims for your experience to be completely stress free, so starting your treatment couldn’t be easier. Simply contact her, explain the look you want to achieve, and get yourself booked in today.


Your eyebrows are the most dominant facial feature, and a crucial part to structuring the beauty of your face. A pair of well groomed and healthy looking eye brows can enhance your natural beauty as well as maintain your vitality.


This treatment allows you to achieve the most from your eyes. Whether you want an eyelash enhancement or a total refinement, this procedure is the ideal method for long lasting eyeliner


Semi Permanent Lip Liner redefines the lips with a subtle use of colour to enhance the shape, also giving the illusion of fullness. Stephanie can restore and reshape fading lip lines, whether caused by the ageing process, cold sores or even scarring.


What others say about their experience with Stephanie

I was pleasantly surprised with my experience Stephanie she is very professional & listened to what I wanted, I had no issues at all in this whole process. I had a terrible experience with my brows a long time ago & never thought I could get them fixed but she exceeded my expectations and I absolutely love them. Aside from her great work ethic her work environment is really one of the best I have been in it is very tidy, sterile and made me feel at ease when I came in. I would highly recommend Stephanie her work is meticulous and she literally changed my confidence and now has a customer for life xxx

Fara Cherry Muche

Stephanie is simply the best!!! Really happy with the result and she’s such a lovely lady! I postponed having this treatment as I feared the worst…I am not the bravest person but the procedure wasn’t painful whatsoever and Stephanie made me feel at ease. Thank you Stephanie for my new eyebrows! Big hugs and look forward to seeing you soon

Ana Pojar

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